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Potent Voices Harry Chapin Tribute Concert to Play in Mt. Holly, NJ

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Ishi wrote in to share news of the following tribute concert to be held on July 2, 2011:

Potent Voices Harry Chapin Tribute Concert 2011

Saturday, July 2, 2011, 7:00 pm.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Parish House.

Mt. Holly, NJ 08060

Please join us for the 9th annual Harry Chapin tribute concert celebrating 40 years of Chapin music.  Potent Voices is:

ishi - vocals, guitar, and bass.

Vaughan Burton - guitar, vocals, and bass

Jeremy Hillary MD - drums

Milanda Marshall - keyboards and vocals

Rajli Bicolli - cello

Tom Espenshade - vocals and guitar


called Hall of Mirrors when not doing the Harry Chapin tribute.

It will be an evening of music featuring the hits (Cat’s In the Cradle, Taxi, Circle) the fan favorites (30,000 lbs of Bananas, Mr. Tanner, W-O-L-D) and the underrated gems (The Mayor of Candor Lied, What Made America Famous?, Bummer) of the most brilliant singer-songwriter ever.

There is no admission fee, but we will be asking for donations to raise money for WHYhunger - founded by Harry Chapin.

For more information or personalized directions you can email ishi at or visit

Potent Voices’ 8th Annual Tribute to be Held in New Jersey

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Ishi wrote in to share news of a tribute concert in New Jersey:

Dear fellow Harry Chapin fans:

Please come and attend Potent Voices’ 8th annual Harry Chapin tribute concert.  It will be held on Saturday, June 26, 2010 at 7:00 pm.  This year we will again be performing in the Parish House of St. Andrew’s Church at 121 High Street, Mt. Holly, NJ 08060.

Potent Voices consists of members of Hall of Mirrors, ishi on guitars and vocals, Vaughan Buron on guitar, bass, and vocals, and Milanda Marshall on keyboards, flute, and vocals.  Also performing are Riall Bicolli - who has performed with Haddonfield, NJ’s Symphony in C - on cello, Jerry Paterson on drums, and Tom Espenshade on guitar and vocals.

There is no cover charge, but we will be asking for a donation to raise money for World Hunger Year, which is a charitable organization founded by Harry Chapin for the purpose of alleviating world hunger.  If you would like to know more about the event or receive personalized directions, you may e-mail ishi at vespenshade (at)  You may also visit  Hope to see you at the show!

Chapin Tribute in New Jersey — June 28, 2009

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

Ishi wrote to share the following:

I have an unusual story to share with Harry Chapin fans although there is nothing unusual about how Harry has affected my life - with brilliant lyrics, brilliant music and when you combine this kind of genius with a social conscience that causes one to work harder to fight world hunger than anyone else that I know of in the music business, then you are speaking of a role model in a truly rare sense of the word.

I did not get to see Harry in concert.  I was 10 when he died and probably only knew one song by him at the time.  My parents saw him in concert.  One summer early in this decade I bought the recently released “Harry Chapin Live At the Bottom Line” cd for my father for his birthday.  As I listened to it for the first time, I was already at an emotional lift when I heard Harry explain to this small NYC crowd “…Tonight we’re celebrating 2,000 concerts.  I formed this band with Big John on June 22, 1971 and we played our first concert here in the village on June 29, 1971.”  This is the very day that I was born.

I knew that this revalation should require some sort of action on my part and what I worked out in my mind was that every year on the anniversary of this day/my birthday I would do a full Harry Chapin tribute anywhere that I could.  For the first year it was just myself and my brother on guitars playing an hour set in a local bar.  Three years ago I was able to hire a ‘cellist and write down ‘cello parts to accompany me and got my band, Hall of Mirrors, to play on four songs.  Two years ago we made it a full band event, renaming ourselves “Potent Voices” just for when we do the Chapin triute and played at the Burlington County Ampitheatre in New Jersey.

This year, Potent Voices will  perform at St. Andrew’s Church parish house on Sunday, June 28, 2009.  (Typical to alter the date to accomodate the weekend.)  We will have the whole band, plus a professional ‘cello player and my brother, Tom Espenshade there to play.  It is at 7:00 pm sharp.  The address is 121 High St. Mt. Holly, NJ 08060.  There is no admission charge, but we will be asking for donations and once I pay the ‘cellist and the church, the rest of the money will be donated to World Hunger Year, founded by Harry Chapin.

Charity Hosts Harry Chapin Tribute in New Haven, Connecticut on May 9, 2008

Friday, April 11th, 2008

Barbara Vosburgh wrote in to share details of an upcoming tribute concert:

Liberty Community Services, one of New Haven’s oldest and most successful providers of housing and services to individuals affected by homelessness, is hosting New Haven’s Tribute to Harry Chapin, a May 9 concert for adults and families at the Shubert Theater featuring Harry Chapin’s brother Steve Chapin, members of the original Harry Chapin Band, and the acclaimed L.U.N.C.H. Ensemble.

“We are absolutely thrilled by the support of the Chapin family and L.U.N.C.H. for Liberty’s work to alleviate the suffering caused by homelessness in our own community,” says John Bradley, Liberty’s Executive Director. “Last years concert was a tremendous success with over 600 individuals joining in the fun.”

Founded in 1987 as CARP (Connecticut AIDS Residence Program), Liberty opened the first supportive housing programs in the state for individuals with AIDS and later established an outreach department that manages over 2,500 calls annually for information and referral. Three years ago, Liberty created Liberty Safe Haven, Connecticut’s first large-scale program providing a permanent residence for chronically homeless adults, which has successfully helped individuals transition off the streets and into a home, while conserving valuable community resources.

New Haven’s Tribute to Harry Chapin will continue the music and inspiration of Harry Chapin, co-founder of World Hunger Year and recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, by engaging the power of popular music for positive social action.