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High School Principal
Follows Through On
Harry's Challenge

Better Place To Be
Is Scientist's Goal

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Fan Fare
John McMenamin

Insider's Guide To
The Chapin Family
Weekend At Ovens Park

One Woman's
Simple Question
Yields A Harvest
of Food For The Hungry

Behind The Song:
What Made
America Famous?

What Made
America Famous?
Made Radio Program
Director Infamous

Choosing to Matter

Clipping Coupons
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DJ's Community
Activism Remembered

New Stage Production
Offers Harry Memorabilia
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WHY Visits
the Today Show

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Writers Wanted: Join Circle!

Circle! is expanding its volunteer editorial team. Do you have reporting experience? Have you researched and written features and news stories? Are you looking for a fun, creative way to inspire others and make a difference? We'd love to hear from you! Drop us a line with a writing sample at circleteam@hotmail.com

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